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  • Updated July 11, 2022 It’s true what you may have heard…Prince Edward Island is a golfer’s paradise. There are many, many world-class golf courses here on the island, a number of them in the Cavendish area. Lots of visitors we welcome to our province

  • You’re planning a summer vacation in PEI and you want to visit as many attractions as you can, as easily as possible. PEI Vacation Packages made this easy – one purchase that includes several attractions makes organizing your trip more ef

  • There’s several attractions opening up this May in Cavendish. We’ve put together a list of things to do and places to eat if you’re heading out this weekend! Mariner’s Cove Boardwalk Opening up for the long weekend, including

  • We made so many new friends this fall and holiday season! We have many more friends to make in the upcoming months, and we can’t wait to meet you! Starting Sunday, January 9, and continuing until March 27, 2022, Teddy Bear Village hours at Roya

  • Family vacations are blissful experiences that allow family members to reconnect and enjoy their time together in ways that normal day-to-day life does not. Gone are the daily chores, to-do lists, running around, homework, meal prep, laundry, practic

  • Updated February 24, 2022 Planning a family vacation to PEI or simply a PEI staycation to get the most out of our beautiful province and searching for family attractions? Maritime Fun Group offers so much to do for your family, whether you are lookin

  • Updated January 10, 2021 Kids eat. Like, a lot. And their capacity for sweet, sugary snacks seems to be much higher than their parental counterparts. I have to constantly work to throttle that sugar intake my children seem to crave. Fruit, yogurt, gr

  • Sandspit Amusement Park is PEI’s classic amusement park, complete with an old-fashioned carousel, cotton candy and tons of rides. Young ones can climb onto car racers, teens can try the tilt-a-whirl, and families can fly around the ferris wheel. The

  • Wax World of the Stars, located in Cavendish at Mariner’s Cove Boardwalk, is home to lots of famous faces. Among the celebrities and movie characters, you’ll also encounter several wax figures from history. As a history nerd, I really enjoyed the Wax



This is not an exclusive rental, the facility will be open to other guests.


Rounds of laser tag are 7 minutes long, plus a few minutes in the vesting room.


If there are other guests in, your rounds will not be consecutive.


You can play as many rounds of laser tag as you can in the time allotted, and each package includes a minimum number of laser tag rounds



You may continue to play past the time to get your minimum number of rounds in. In a situation where you reach the minimum number of rounds, you may continue to play rounds (on your turn) until the time is up.


If you have to leave before you play your rounds there are no refunds.