Teddy Bear Village

Teddy Bear Village Cavendish

Build Your Own Bear 

Teddy Bear Village is a build your own teddy bear store where you can make a new friend from scratch! First, choose your special friend, then give them a heart and fill with lots of fluff!

Pick from over 50 outfits that best suits their personality and choose a name. Personalize your furry friend with different accessories, sounds and scents! Take home your new best friend, along with their own adoption certificate.

Take home your FURever friend.

How it Works

Choose Your Favorite Friend

We have some great new friends for you to meet!

We have fuzzy brown foxes, pretty pink unicorns, stripey zebras, soft grey koalas and so many more furry animals that are waiting for you.

Then, add a heart

The heart of the matter.

This is a special moment! You can always be sure their heart is in the right place.

And give it some fluff

Fluff and stuff!

You can give your new friend a hug to see if you’ve added just the right amount of fluff.

Then pick an outfit

Let them look their best!

Think about what your new best friends favorite things. Are they an astronaut, a baseball player, a cheerleader, or do they just like looking fancy? Pick an outfit that you think they’ll like best!

And decide on a name

What’s in a name?

What kind of name will you choose? Will your new friend be Harmony, Harold or Halsey? Maybe they feel like River or Sage. You decide.

Finally, take your new friend home

Friends for life

You’ll get an adoption certificate, and you can choose to get a special bag to carry your new furry friend in to keep them safe.

2024 Hours

10:00 am – 8:00 pm

9:30 am – 9:00 pm

10:00 am – 6:00 pm


Sunset Boardwalk

Sunset Boardwalk, 9095 Cavendish Road, PEI.


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This is not an exclusive rental, the facility will be open to other guests.


Rounds of laser tag are 7 minutes long, plus a few minutes in the vesting room.


If there are other guests in, your rounds will not be consecutive.


You can play as many rounds of laser tag as you can in the time allotted, and each package includes a minimum number of laser tag rounds



You may continue to play past the time to get your minimum number of rounds in. In a situation where you reach the minimum number of rounds, you may continue to play rounds (on your turn) until the time is up.


If you have to leave before you play your rounds there are no refunds.