Our Vision

To be the leading operator of family attractions in Atlantic Canada built on a foundation of safety, friendly service, and cleanliness.

Our Values

At Maritime Fun Group, we believe that our first responsibility is to the families, our guests; the young boys and girls, mothers and fathers and all others who use our products and services. Customers’ desires must be serviced promptly and accurately with a premium placed on safety and fun.

We are responsible to our employees, the men and women who work with us throughout the season.

Everyone is considered an individual. We must respect their dignity and recognize their merit. They must have a sense of security in their jobs.

We are responsible to the community, in which we live and work. We must be good citizens, support good works and causes, and bear our fair share of taxes. We must encourage civic improvements and better opportunities for local people. We must maintain, in good order, the property we are privileged to use, protecting the environment and natural resources.

Why We Love What We Do

We are privileged to be in a business where our customers are choosing to spend a day at our properties. Nobody needs to spend a day with us. From all the options available, they are choosing to be here, and it is a tremendous privilege to be able to serve them. We must never lose sight of that responsibility.

Matthew Jelley, President

Maritime Fun Group – PEI

MFG History

Maritime Fun Group is the largest collection of privately-owned attractions in the Maritimes. These family owned/operated parks offer guests a variety of amusement options with a high standard of safety, cleanliness, and service.

The Dunville family started Sandspit in Cavendish in 1984 with dune buggies and a bumper boat pond. Gradually, the park expanded over the years to its current offering of over 15 carnival favourites. Guests love the the Cyclone Roller Coaster, and most recently, the Cliff Hanger Drop Tower.

In 1999, the Dunville and Jelley families acquired Magic Mountain, Atlantic Canada’s largest waterpark in Moncton, NB, which had been in operation since 1987.

By 2005, the group grew again with the construction of Shining Waters Family Fun Park, an entirely new 37-acre park in Cavendish combining a mix of wet and dry attractions. Since then, the park has continually expanded with the addition of a leisure pool, roller coaster, and new rides, like the Crazy Sub and Surf’s Up surf coaster.

Magic Mountain underwent a major three-year

expansion starting in 2015, which included the addition of new rides and the creation of new areas at the park: Tek Zone, Fun Zone, Splash Zone and Golf Zone.

Maritime Fun Group purchased and rebranded Cavendish Entertainment Plaza to Mariner’s Cove Boardwalk in 2016. The MFG attractions at this property includes international brand Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Odditorium. Since then, the popular boardwalk has expanded over the past few years with the addition of new tenants, including a full-service restaurant.

The group took on a new adventure in 2017 with Cavendish Beach Adventure Zone, when it purchased the King Tut’s Tomb in Cavendish. Then, the property was completely overhauled to include a haunted house and laser tag arena.

In 2018, Maritime Fun Group started a new division, Seaside Fun Foods, opening 3 new BeaverTails Pastry franchises. In addition, the group also operates several café’s and canteens at popular locations around Cavendish.

Today, Maritime Fun Group operates about 20 properties in Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick. MFG has over 500 valued employees and contributes greatly to the tourism community within the region.

Associations & Memberships



This is not an exclusive rental, the facility will be open to other guests.


Rounds of laser tag are 7 minutes long, plus a few minutes in the vesting room.


If there are other guests in, your rounds will not be consecutive.


You can play as many rounds of laser tag as you can in the time allotted, and each package includes a minimum number of laser tag rounds



You may continue to play past the time to get your minimum number of rounds in. In a situation where you reach the minimum number of rounds, you may continue to play rounds (on your turn) until the time is up.


If you have to leave before you play your rounds there are no refunds.