Author: Jessica Caseley

Updated January 10, 2021 Kids eat. Like, a lot. And their capacity for sweet, sugary snacks seems to be much higher than their parental counterparts. I have to constantly work to throttle that sugar intake my children seem to crave. Fruit, yogurt, granola bars and peanut butter are the regular snacks...

It was another successful year at the IAAPA Expo in Orlando last November 2019. (That's the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions, in case you were scratching your head on that acronym.) Matthew, Adam, Mark, Jessica and Tess walked the ten miles of trade show floor to see almost 1200...



This is not an exclusive rental, the facility will be open to other guests.


Rounds of laser tag are 7 minutes long, plus a few minutes in the vesting room.


If there are other guests in, your rounds will not be consecutive.


You can play as many rounds of laser tag as you can in the time allotted, and each package includes a minimum number of laser tag rounds



You may continue to play past the time to get your minimum number of rounds in. In a situation where you reach the minimum number of rounds, you may continue to play rounds (on your turn) until the time is up.


If you have to leave before you play your rounds there are no refunds.