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The self-serve frozen yogurt shop was the first to be established in Atlantic Canada.

Ryan Lowther, co-owner of Islands Frozen Yogurt, wants his customers to know how much he appreciates how Islanders have supported the locally owned business. “We are not a franchise and we take the time to prepare our product on site with fresh non-fat yogurt, skim milk provided by Purity Dairy and great assorted flavours.” New customers who have never been to a frozen yogurt bar always marvel that they can serve themselves with as much or as little of the cool stuff and toppings as they wish. It is all part of the fun!

Indulging without guilt has always been possible at Islands Frozen Yogurt where a five-ounce portion of frozen yogurt and a half cup or more of fresh fruit topping like Island strawberries can provide some of the dairy and fruit requirements for the day. Then again, if you don’t care about the guilt, there are lots of chocolate, candy and syrup toppings available too. New toppings this year include jellies which come in various fruit flavours. With 15 assorted frozen yogurt flavours at any one time, Islands Frozen Yogurt always has dairy free and gluten free options available too.

This year, our emphasis is in ensuring that our customers know that the best treats are made by them. "What’s on your Island?" is our tag phrase that invites customers to build their own Island thus creating their own fun food!



Check back soon for our 2020 opening date!

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