Cavendish Car and Pet Wash




Cavendish Car and Pet WashCavendish Car and Pet Wash is the first of its kind in the community. Gary Lowther, owner, likes to bring new businesses to the area and this service will now be available for residents and visitors.

The car wash has three bays all equipped with high pressure self serve coin-operated automatic soap and wax mixers and wall mat holders. Customers will have everything they need to wash their vehicle.

Two vacuum cleaners will also be available.

Also new in the community is the first pet wash. The pet wash system features a waist high tub for easy and safe washing, an easy access ramp and non-slip rubber mat. A product dispenser and dryer will also be available.

Token dispensers will take credit cards or cash.

Located at Mariners Cove Boardwalk, the self serve portion of the car and pet wash will be open 24 hours a day.

Phone 902-626-5197 for questions.



Reopening Spring 2021

Self Serve Open 24 Hours/Day

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